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When I buy ChannelX, do I also get the standalone plugins ?

Yes. ChannelX license allows you to install and use 4 plugins :

  • ChannelX channel strip
  • 7X-500 standalone compressor
  • PEX-500 standalone EQ
  • 6X-500 standalone preamp and filters

What is the plugins latency ?

Our plugins don't add latency.

OSX versions compatibility

Lindell Plugins are compatible with all Macs with an Intel processor and OSX 10.6 or upper. Always try the demo version before buying, to ensure that everything will work correctly on your own system.

In which DAWs were the plugins tested ?

Our plugins were tested in the major DAWs :

  • Pro Tools 11 (AAX Native 64)
  • Pro Tools 10 (RTAS, AAX Native 32 in 10.3.6+)
  • Logic Pro 9, X (AU)
  • Cubase 7.5 (VST, VST3)
  • Wavelab 8 (VST, VST3)
  • Reaper (VST, AU)
  • Studio One 2 (VST, VST3, AU)

If your favorite DAW is not in the list, don't panic! It probably works, but you should confirm that using the free demo versions before buying.

Do I need an iLok ?

NO ! Our plugins use a simple online activation to work. Once it is activated, no Internet connexion is required.

Do I need an Internet connexion to use the plugins ?

No, the plugins can be used offline.

But it is absolutely necessary to have a Mac or PC connected to the Internet and running a compatible DAW to be able to activate your license.

What are the demo versions limitations ?

The demo versions can't load/save settings and have sound interruptions.

Can I use a license on several computers ?

Each license can be activated up to 4 times per year. This is usefull if your computer crashes and you need to replace it. But you can also use it at the studio and on your laptop for example.

Our plugins also support USB drive activation, allowing to use the plugins on any computer having the USB drive used for activation plugged in it.

I just bought a plugin and received a serial number. How do I use it ?

First, you will need an account on You can create one here.

On your account, you can add serial numbers you bought from the dealers. When you add a serial number, the corresponding products appear in your account, with the download links for Mac and Windows. You can download and install the plugins on your computer.

The first time you will use each plugin, it will show an activation dialog box. Just type your account login and password to activate the plugin.

How do I use USB activation ?

When you first launch a plugin, an activation dialog box pops-up. This dialog box allows you to select the "License file path". If you change it to a path in an USB drive, a specific license file will be created in that folder. Then you can install the plugin on another computer, plug the USB drive, and when activation dialog box pops-up, select the path on the USB drive where you stored your license file.

License files can't be copied from/to the USB drive directly. If you want to change activation method, delete your existing license file (search "Lindell.ChannelX.lic", "Lindell.6X-500.lic", "Lindell.7X-500.lic" or "Lindell.PEX-500.lic") and run the activation dialog box again.

I tried to create an account but received no confirmation e-mail

  • Please be patient, this may take several minutes.
  • Check your spam box. Antispam software makes a lot of mistakes.
  • Did you type your e-mail adress correctly ? If you are not sure, try to register again.
  • Contact us if nothing else worked.


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